La regional valladolid tordesillas

La regional valladolid tordesillas


Comparing Alsa ticket prices the best fare found will be 5 €50 but prices can go up to 5 €50. Something that will be useful for you to know is that the average price for this trip is 5 €50.
Tordesillas is the perfect destination for your vacation. If you don’t know the city yet, you should start without fail by taking a walk through Plaza de Toros, Convento El Carmelo, Casas del Tratado you won’t be disappointed by any of these places.
Our search engine compares the fares of hundreds of buses and searches for the lowest cost Valladolid Tordesillas buses for you. These are the most attractive prices found for the next few days. Check also the schedules and prices of buses from Tordesillas to Valladolid for your return trip.

The regional valladolid palencia

Data on the train route Valladolid – Tordesillas. The great condition of the railway lines and its reliability make the train one of the safest transport systems to travel the distance between Valladolid and Tordesillas by train, in the distance that separates Valladolid from Tordesillas our passengers can rest enjoying the trip for only the amount of 1.8 €, certainly a very competitive price that will satisfy the pockets of all kinds of passengers. The price offered is approximate and may be altered by different offers or promotions or factors such as availability of seats.
According to our database the best connection to go from Valladolid to Tordesillas passes through Valdestillas. Take a look at the route we propose for this trip. For each of the train trips we show you all the available schedules.


The regular line covers the Villafranca-Tordesillas route from Monday to Friday (weekdays), departing at 07:00 from Villafranca to Tordesillas, stopping in Pollos at 07:25 hours (approximately).
It also covers the reverse route, Tordesillas-Villafranca, from Monday to Friday (working days), departing at 15:00 from Tordesillas to Villafranca, stopping in Pollos at 15:14 hours (approximately).
There is also a transport service on demand (PREVIOUS NOTICE to 900 20 40 20), which covers the route from the municipality to Tordesillas, with possible departures from the bus station and the health center:

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Valladolid bus

The V Provincial Transport Plan incorporates the proposal of the City Council of Tordesillas with the objective of adding a new line of passenger transport so that the university students of the town can, at night, return to the town from the capital. It will have three stops in Valladolid: Plaza de Santa Cruz (21:15 h.); Paseo del Cauce (21:21 h.); and Bus Station (21:33 h.). The estimated time of arrival in Tordesillas will be around 22:00 hours, thus fulfilling one of the demands of many neighbors, a service that connects the capital at this time.
The most voted option, with a total of 80.76 % votes, proposes the departure from the bus station at 22:00 hours with a university route 15 minutes earlier (21:45 hours) through the Plaza de Santa Cruz (stop next to the San José school) and Campus Miguel Delibes (stop at Paseo Prado de la Magdalena next to the Faculty of Philosophy).
Now, it will be the turn of the Provincial Council, which must accept this modification “emphasizing the flexible and open spirit of the Provincial Transport Plan”, according to the local government.

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